Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles Photo

Bio- Corbin Murdoch & the Nautical Miles

Corbin Murdoch- vocals, guitar
Timothy Tweedale- slide guitar, vocals
Simon Rotheisler- bass, vocals
Lucas Schuller- drums

The Nautical Miles are an adventurous four-piece alt-roots band from Vancouver. Whether collaborating with jazz artists for mash-up performances, with visual artists for a year-long song-blog (http://corbinmurdoch.wordpress.com), with bluegrass bands or brass quintets, The Nautical Miles continue to push the boundaries of contemporary Canadian folk music. With this band, you can never be certain what will come next, only that you don’t want to miss it.

The Nautical Miles have toured across Canada and in Europe, showcased at major industry conferences including the Canadian Folk Alliance and the Western Canadian Music Awards , and performed at internationally recognized performing arts festivals such as The Vancouver International Jazz Festival and The Isle of Wight Festival. CBC Radio has twice recorded their concerts for national broadcast. Recently, their single Mythmaker, debuted at #1 on CBC Radio 3’s Chart show The R3-30.

Corbin Murdoch began writing songs for the project in 2003 while completing his degree in creative writing and environmental studies at York University in Toronto, and pining for his west coast home. The Nautical Miles were recruited by mail correspondence, and formed during a summer back home. In their nine years together they have built a repertoire of richly textured and emotionally complex folk music. Their songs tell stories steeped in the natural and emotional histories of the Pacific-Northwest. Migratory mammals, people who swim across oceans, and long-forgotten revolutionary figures all become subjects in the narratives The Nautical Miles spin.

Their first full-length record, Tell me again how this place got its name was released in 2006 with critics remarking on the quality of the writing- “This is writing that comes from the pen of someone who knows his craft”-and the lush, intricate arrangements- “Music that rolls like the prairie hills, rises like the rocky coastline and swells like the ocean waves”.
In 2009, the band released their most ambitious project to date. Wartime Lovesong is a song cycle of generational proportions. The album, which is arranged for brass quintet, traces the trials of a generation desperately seeking a purpose in an uncertain world. Alexander Varty of the Georgia Straight heralded it “a new kind of folk music”. At once politically charged and deeply personal, The Nautical Miles once again had created a dynamic and moving document of their explorations as an ensemble.

The Nautical Miles are currently working on a brand new 12-song album, Ode to Joy. The new record was written during a residency at The Bruno Arts Bank after Murdoch spent six months travelling around the world visiting music and arts festivals everywhere from Timbuktu, Mali to Bogota, Colombia. The album is about joyful rebellion and taking the future back from those that tell us that it doesn’t exist. It marks yet another leap forward sonically and conceptually for the ambitious quartet.


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